Booklets – Wire Bound


Wire-bound books, a popular binding method, are created by inserting a series of metal wire loops, made of double-looped metal, through small holes punched along the edge of a stack of pages. This binding technique ensures durability and easy page-turning. After the pages are aligned and holes punched, the wire loops are threaded through and then securely closed, holding the pages together. Wire binding offers advantages like allowing the book to lay flat when open and enabling easy removal or addition of pages. Commonly used for notebooks, calendars, manuals, and reports, wire-bound books are ideal for projects requiring frequent reference or note-taking.

All our wire bound books are printed in colour, bound with black wire and comes with a clear acetate front cover and black leather grain back cover.

Production Time: 3 – 4 Days

A4 Booklet Print Template Landscape
A4 Booklet Print Template Portrait
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A5 Booklet Print Template Portrait


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