Wedding & Greeting Cards


Greeting and wedding cards are poignant expressions of affection and joy, bridging distances and commemorating significant life moments. Greeting cards offer personalized gestures for birthdays, holidays, and well-wishing, fostering connections and empathy. Wedding cards celebrate love and commitment, offering warm congratulations and best wishes. Both types of cards serve as cherished keepsakes, preserving heartfelt messages and memories. Their diverse designs cater to various tastes and cultural nuances, adding a touch of individuality to each occasion. Greeting and wedding cards embody the power of tangible sentiment in a digital age, providing timeless tokens of care and celebration.

Printed on 300gsm card stock, A6 size fits inside a C6 envelope and A5 size fits inside a C5 envelope, which are available with most stationary suppliers.

Production time: 3 – 5 Days

A5 Folded Wedding Card Template Portrait
A5 Folded Wedding Card Template Landscape
A5 Landscape Folded Wedding Card Template


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