Vinyl Stickers


Depending on its use, you can select a suitable sticker.

*White vinyl stickers are suitable for indoor and outdoor smooth vertical surfaces including glass. Can also be applied onto boxes or any other product.

*Outdoor floor stickers has a rough anti-slip surface and are suitable for applying onto concreate, tiles, bitumen or brick floors, they can also be  used on outdoor walls.

*The indoor floor stickers are for applying onto carpet, concreate or tiled surfaces inside buildings.

The stickers are printed on a suitable stock that have weathered the test of time. The kiss cut finish makes them easier and quicker to peel away from the vinyl backing. They also come with a high-tack strong adhesive layer. There is a minimum quantity per order. The minimum quantity will depend on the size of the sticker and the calculator will work that out automatically.

Width and Height are the dimensions of individual stickers. They can be square, round, rectangular or any other shape. 

Production Time: 5 – 7 Days


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